Let’s face it…

Campaigns are unpredictable.

You’ve probably already learned that.

And each campaign has its own unique set of challenges.

Even though we update The Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit regularly, we know we can’t cover everything that can come up in your campaign.

So, we open another door for you: Now, you can get a 1/2-hour Zoom call – direct access – to the Campaign Coach Craig Turner for only $97.

What can you use this time for?

Discuss your communications strategy – messaging, direct mail, even social media!

Talk about a specific challenge you’re having in your campaign… No template for success… What’s happening in your community specifically?

Ask how to achieve those campaign tasks that are eluding you: recruiting volunteers, getting media coverage, or fundraising

Or, any other topic that’s critical to your campaign right now

You may know someone who’s a consultant, and they may be willing to give you some free advice from time-to-time. Take it if you’ve got it!

But if you don’t, The Campaign Coach is here to help you – at a price that you can afford.

How valuable is it to get the answers you need, right when you need them?