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7 ways to talk to voters (when you can’t talk to voters)

With the exceptions of the Amazons in the world, over the past year almost every brand that exists has had to develop new ways to communicate with their customers in order to stay in business. Without the normal kinds of in-person experiences, from window shopping to networking events to trade shows, to survive it became […]

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Thinking of Running for Public Office in 2021? Why?

Unless the first thing you did when you came to my web site was read my bio (unlikely), you may not know that The Campaign Coach is a fiction author, as well. I’ve published a few novels that, as you might imagine, are always influenced by politics in some way or another.

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Running for Office, Getting Attacked, and Still Winning

In today’s political environment, attacks have become the hallmark of campaigning. From one perspective, it’s an unfortunate thing, because voters often can’t see through the finger-pointing and mud-slinging to get a good read on the issues that actually matter. From another perspective, voting is so often based on emotion, and there’s no more powerful way […]

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