The Campaign Coach Scholarship Program


Does your organization need to build a reliable bench of future leaders to carry your message in your community?

Before creating The Campaign Coach program, I worked for the regional chamber of commerce in Western New York as government affairs director for eight years. During that time, we had a vision of reaching into the towns and villages in our area, and cultivating candidates to run for office – people that hopefully would be inspired to run for higher office and be able to affect the many issues we were advocating. It proved more difficult than we thought, because short of throwing some campaign cash their way, we didn’t have the resources to support a full roster of candidates from start-to-finish.

Now, you do.

The Campaign Coach Scholarship Program was designed for organizations like yours – business associations, advocacy groups, “good government” groups, and others – to be able to have an impact in local politics that will hopefully yield long-term results for your causes. We know that local elected officials become county, state and federal elected officials, and your support of their candidacies early in their careers (a) can be critical to them getting early election victories; and (b) won’t be forgotten.


  • Registration for The Campaign Coach’s Virtual Campaign School
  • The Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit ($347 value), including templates for press releases, mail pieces, fundraiser invitations, letters, and even speeches…
  • How to Be a Player” – A Guide to Finding the Money (e-book)
  • Two personalized video Coaching Sessions for your group of candidates

After purchasing the package you want, all you need to do is supply contact information (e-mail) for your candidates, and we’ll take care of the rest. Ideally, we’ll put all of your candidates in the same class for the Virtual Campaign School, but we do understand that schedules don’t always work out perfectly for everyone. If we can’t pull that off, then we can plug your candidates into our existing schedule at a time that works for them.

Then, I’ll even provide you with additional guidance on how you can support your candidates throughout their campaign.

Join The Campaign Coach’s Scholarship Program, and start building an army of people who will fight for your issues.

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