The Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit

If you’re here, it tells me you’re at least committed to running for local office, and have probably already started your campaign.

Congratulations for that!

I am a firm admirer of people who run for local office.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no better way to give back to your community!


I’m Craig Turner, The Campaign Coach. 

I’ve been running and winning local political campaigns for nearly 20 years, and created The Campaign Coach Program for candidates like you – the ones who need help the most, but don’t have a campaign account flush with cash (yet).

Because have you felt it yet? That feeling that all local candidates get where you’re very much alone?

Sure, when you’ve graduated to higher office, you’ll have all kinds of people ready to jump in with money and time to help.

But now, at the very beginning of your political career, you’re mostly on your own. A few family members, some friends… But if you want to win at the local level, it’s generally on you to make it happen.

As you know by now, there is an awful lot to do when running a local campaign.

And when you see slick political ads on TV, or your mailbox is stuffed with political flyers every day, it all seems pretty easy, right?

It’s not.

Especially when after working your job during the day, attending two community picnics, and then walking door-to-door… Only to get home and spend your evening trying to force your way through writing a press release – which, of course, is something you’ve never done before.

Because that’s who’s responsible on so many local campaigns… You.

There are no high-priced consultants pumping out news items and slick mail pieces for you.

It’s you, at your kitchen table, long into the night.

I’ve created a program that instantly gets you up-to-speed on what you need to run your campaign:

I call it The Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit.

Press releases, mail pieces, fundraiser invitations, letters, and even speeches… I’ve created templates for you, that all you have to do is plug in your own details, and you’re ready to go!

Why learn how to run a campaign on-the-job, when someone’s collected everything for you?!

The Complete Campaign Kit allows you to spend more of your time on campaigning, rather than on learning how to campaign (and possibly making some mistakes while doing so!).

The full Kit also includes a trio of campaign resources that you can use immediately!

These books provide guidance and intuition derived from not only my 20+ years on the campaign trail, but my candidates’ and the dozens others from around the country that I’ve interviewed on The Campaign Coach Podcast:

  • The Campaign Coach’s Campaign Blueprint
  • Running, Winning, Serving: The Campaign Coach’s Guide to Local Elections
  • “5 Steps to Being a Political Player (Without a Political Player’s Budget)”(e-book)

Three resources with insight and instruction on how to reach your voters, how to raise money and everything else you need to do for the next several months!

Plus, for a limited time, if you purchase the full Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit …

I will add two 1-on-1 video coaching sessions with The Campaign Coach.

Let’s face it… Campaigns are unpredictable. You’ve probably already learned that.

And each campaign has its own unique set of challenges.

We can’t cover everything you need to know in our materials, so our half-hour coaching sessions (typically $97 per session) give you the opportunity to get personalized guidance as you need it.

Typically, we’d schedule these sessions for the first one as you’re getting started, and the second when you’re in the thick of your campaign – but these are yours to use as you need, and when you need.

With your purchase of The Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit, you’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with The Campaign Coach, to get you the answers you need – talking about your campaign specifically.

That’s five great resources to take your campaign – and your political aspirations – to the next level.

It’s everything a campaign consultant would do for you.

And I know… Recently, I charged a state candidate $3,000 per month for these services. Because, as a consultant, if you want to actually stay in business, you can’t help but look to higher levels of government for campaigns. Local candidates just don’t have the resources.

But local candidates like you are the ones who need the most help. Like I said at the beginning, you’re not yet surrounded by people willing to volunteer and donate.

So, I’ve made The Campaign Coach’s Complete Campaign Kit a price that every candidate can afford – the three books, the templates and guidance in the Complete Kit, and two 1-on-1 video coaching sessions – for only $397.

You’re taking a year out of your life to do this, and hopefully building the foundation to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish in your community. Is it worth the price of one car payment to do it the right way? You bet it is.

Once you’ve started, campaigns move very quickly.

It’ll be Election Day before you know it.

Don’t wait – get the help you need to run your campaign the right way today.

Yes, I want to run my campaign the right way!