Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people promise to help and then disappear?

Why is fundraising so hard?

What is the biggest risk of going it alone?

How do I find voters?

What is a “Get out the Vote effort”?

What are the wrong reasons to run for office?

What are the traps a candidate can fall into?

Should I pay for a poll?

My party is outnumbered, what can I do?

I learned about some dirt on my opponent, what should I do?

How important is it to know about the office you’re running for?

How hard is it to defeat an incumbent?

Can I count on my local party?

How do I get people to donate to my campaign?

How do I get a staff together and what kind of staff do I need?

Is there a way to campaign effectively?

How do I use my time most effectively?

How do I balance my regular life with the campaign?