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Making Sure Your Volunteers are On Message

Once you reach a point in your campaign where you’ve got a team of volunteers out in the community helping you get elected, it’s important to keep those people working out of the same playbook. When someone’s walking door-to-door on your behalf, or representing you at an event, it’s important that the words coming out […]

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Going to Campaign School? Here’s what you should get out of it.

I remember going to a campaign school years ago – you’ve seen them, these all-day affairs where you go to a hotel, and a bunch of speakers run through their services for you, while giving you a little bit of expertise on the side. This one was long ago enough that one of the speakers […]

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Lessons Learned from a $3 Million Campaign

It’s a bit of irony that, while at The Campaign Coach we spend the majority of our time counseling local candidates operating on a shoestring budget, the most recent race we worked on was a behemoth New York State Senate race where the campaigns and third parties spent a whopping $2.8 million on a seat […]

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