The Campaign Coach’s “5 Steps to Being a Political Player”

One important note: Our “How to Be a Player” guide is not for you. It’s for you to give to your campaign’s supporters.

Because what have you signed up for?

Nine months of grueling work, where:

  • Everyone you meet wants to tell you what politicians are doing wrong and what they should actually be doing instead
  • Prospective voters placate you with promises that they’ll be in your corner (or slam their door in your face), and
  • All while trying to get your message into voters’ hands despite having a sketchy volunteer corps and limited campaign cash.

I don’t have to tell you that good volunteers and supporters can make some of those things easier.

You’ve seen them already – there are an awful lot of people who “get involved” in campaigns for a lot of reasons, but often that involvement is a token gesture (such as buying a $25 ticket for the summer picnic or spending one night in June collecting 20 signatures on a petition).

And for some reason people feel that warrants them access to the candidate – either before or after you’re in office.

You’re, meanwhile, craving anyone who is willing to help you, so it’s the perfect marriage of desperate demand and unreliable supply.

Raise Your Expectations of Your Supporters

Because it’s so difficult to secure them, expectations for supporters in local races often aren’t high.

Which is a tremendous opportunity for anyone willing to take the extra step to be an asset to a candidate.

But you may have to teach them how to do it

That’s what The Campaign Coach’s “5 Steps to Being a Political Player (without a political player’s budget)” does.

Teach Them How to Support Your Campaign

“5 Steps” offers step-by-step guidance for your supporters on how to be… a better supporter.

But, like all relationships, you should always strive for mutual benefit, so this e-book also teaches them how to make the most of their support.

Imagine if all of your supporters were trained on how to best help you get elected – and help themselves in the process?

Now, they can be.

Get the The Campaign Coach’s “5 Steps to Being a Political Player (without a political player’s budget)” today!