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7 ways to talk to voters (when you can’t talk to voters)

With the exceptions of the Amazons in the world, over the past year almost every brand that exists has had to develop new ways to communicate with their customers in order to stay in business. Without the normal kinds of in-person experiences, from window shopping to networking events to trade shows, to survive it became […]

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Don’t Let Your Election Be Close

If you’re following the news, you’ll know that there is lots of mystery and intrigue surrounding elections right now. Lines are being drawn in the sand, and no matter where you fall politically, if you’re running for office in 2021, there’s one truth that you’re going to have to face: You’re going to have to […]

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5 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your 2021 Local Campaign Now

For the last few election cycles, The Campaign Coach has analyzed campaign tactics, and offered best practices and ideas from national races to be pulled into your local campaigns. This year, we’re going to go the other direction – forget everything you’ve seen and move on to 2021, and stay focused on the specifics of […]

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