Your aunt says you should run for office: Let us help you see if she’s right!

That’s how it starts, isn’t it? At some point in your life, you’re in a family discussion at some holiday party and everyone’s emotionally spouting off on a random political topic, when suddenly you find yourself as the voice of reason. “Here’s what needs to happen”- you might say, and suddenly you have everyone’s attention. Then you eloquently display your understanding of public policy in a logical manner, and everyone present deems that you should run for office.

The seed is planted.

You think I’m being cliché, but I’m not. It’s real. How many people do you know as teenagers wanted to grow up to be a town councilman? I don’t know any. But somewhere along the way, you were encouraged that your persona, your articulation and your wisdom made you a viable candidate. And here you are, on The Campaign Coach’s page, to get information on how to run for local office.

We’re not here to disagree with your friends and family, only validate them. The holidays are over, and you’re thinking about 2017. Maybe it’s the year that you want to take on this challenge, this life experience. Are you ready? Do you know what you need to do? Do you know what it takes to run? To win? To serve?

The Campaign Coach is here to take some of the guesswork out for you. To the right is a link to my Pros & Cons Questionnaire – a handful of questions you should be asking yourself if you’re thinking about running this year (or ever). It’s our intent that you have a firm grasp on what you’re getting yourself into first, and if you do decide to take the leap, then we have lots of resources to help you along the way.

Download the questionnaire – it’s free – and take a reality check before you make your decision. We’ve put 20 years of working with local candidates into the questions, so trust us. It’ll help.