Call Some Consultants, Get Some Prices

We’re political consultants, so we don’t want to diminish the importance of bringing consultant expertise onto your campaign early in the process. However, being consultants, we also know that there’s a big disconnect between local political campaigns and professional help – local candidates who need the help most very often don’t have the resources to hire one, and consultants who know what they’re doing can’t afford to price themselves low enough to be affordable for local campaigns.

There are many, many excellent candidates out there who would be outstanding representatives of the public, but who aren’t prepared for, or don’t know, all the critical components of running a campaign. In addition, since the most important thing you can do when running a local campaign is to be out in your community talking to voters, the time you spend “managing” your own campaign is non-productive. There really is a benefit to having help, including (among other things):

– Effective messaging for direct mail, door-to-door, speeches, media, etc.

– Direct mail strategy, implementation and design

– Walk and event strategies

– Reactive guidance

– Motivation and encouragement

If you’re thinking of running for office, I encourage you to take an hour and call a few consultants in your area. See what they can do for your campaign and how much they’ll charge you. I’m guessing you’ll run up against the disconnect that I highlighted above.

That’s why The Campaign Coach was created. It’s an affordable program – you can get our how-to guide, our resource library, and even our guide to “finding the money” for less than $350 – designed specifically for people running for local office. Because we’ve worked with enough local candidates over the years to know that you’re the ones that need the assistance most.

I encourage you to start with our free e-book: “Campaign Lunacy: How to Avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Keep You From Getting Funded, Getting Votes… And Getting Elected!”