Not much you can do – almost the entire eastern part of the country is being inundated today with snow, wind and cold. Cancellations everywhere, and the ability to actually get stuff done is pretty diminished. That being said, there’s a benefit to having some time to yourself without interruptions, in that you can wrap your head around some things that daily life won’t usually let you. If you’re running for local office this year,Read More
A few days ago, I recorded the next interview for The Campaign Coach podcast – a fantastic conversation with New York State Senator Tim Kennedy, who I actually saw take his first oath of office as an Erie County Legislator back in 2004, when I was a member of the Legislature staff. As legislator, and now as state senator, Tim has been an effective representative for Western New York, and has become a good friend.Read More
It’s February, so when you’re looking at a November election, it’s still pretty early. Have you made the decision to run yet? Are you still thinking about it? Now’s the time when you should be having conversations about your candidacy and doing your analysis as to whether 2017 is your year. Either way, even if you’re having quiet conversations about possibly running, you’re probably finding out that you’re not the only one interested in theRead More
That’s how it starts, isn’t it? At some point in your life, you’re in a family discussion at some holiday party and everyone’s emotionally spouting off on a random political topic, when suddenly you find yourself as the voice of reason. “Here’s what needs to happen…” you might say, and suddenly you have everyone’s attention. Then you eloquently display your understanding of public policy in a logical manner, and everyone present deems that you shouldRead More
It’s a bit of irony that, while at The Campaign Coach we spend the majority of our time counseling local candidates operating on a shoestring budget, the most recent race we worked on was a behemoth New York State Senate race where the campaigns and third parties spent a whopping $2.8 million on a seat that is integral to the balance of New York’s upper house. Now, while a race of that magnitude is aRead More
When President-elect Donald Trump took the stage at nearly 3 a.m. today to claim victory in the race for President of the United States, he began his remarks by mentioning that Secretary Clinton had called him, saying: “She congratulated us… It’s about us… On our victory.” It was a short phrase, lost perhaps in the early morning sleepiness of people having waited two years plus another six hours to find out the results of theRead More
It’s less than one week to Election Day, and for many voters, it can’t come soon enough. The presidential election this year has been about as divisive as you can imagine, and nothing is letting up here at the end. The latest “October Surprise” seems to have changed the face of the election once again, and who knows what’s going to happen in the next few days? This is a presidential election year, so ifRead More
For a variety of reasons, local elections around the country happen at all different times of year. While most take place in November, cities, towns, villages and school boards hold their elections in March, May or August sometimes in different states and regions. Which means that the first thing you need to know when you’re thinking about running for local office is perhaps the most basic – when’s the election? The country is caught upRead More

The Campaign Coach Debate Review

Posted by Craig Turner on September 27, 2016
The Campaign Coach Debate Review – 9.26.16 Tonight’s debate was the first round of a prize fight featuring two candidates who are not only very different from a politically point of view, but who brought very different styles to the debate. For 2017 local candidates watching the debate, there was plenty to take from the candidates’ approach, demeanor and delivery. From the get-go, Donald Trump went right into his top talking points, using his openingRead More
This evening is the first, highly-anticipated presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. The debate hasn’t even started, and the emotion is at a fever pitch, with both sides already lashing out against the rules, with moderator Lester Holt in the middle of the firefight. Get your popcorn ready! But while there is definitely much to listen for relative to the next four years and the future of our country,Read More