Why a Political Coach?
What’s a political campaign? It’s not really about politics. It’s about people. If you run for office, your campaign is like a six-month job interview. And who gets the job? It sure helps to be the candidate people trust and like, and has a clear message. Someone who knows the job and is running for the right reasons.

That’s where I come in. That’s why I’m doing this. My goal is to help you be that candidate. To help create a generation of motivated, hard-working and well-informed local candidates. Candidates who can earn the trust of the voters who have lost faith in politics and politicians.

And then do the job. Because my program isn’t just about winning your election, it’s about winning voters’ trust, and then delivering for them once you’re in office.



5 Things Candidates Can Do on a Snowy Day

Not much you can do – almost the entire eastern part of the country is being inundated today with snow, wind and cold. Cancellations everywhere, and the ability to actually get stuff done is pretty diminished. That being
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Not Ready to Run Yet? There’s Still Lots You Can Do

A few days ago, I recorded the next interview for The Campaign Coach podcast – a fantastic conversation with New York State Senator Tim Kennedy, who I actually saw take his first oath of office as an Erie
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The election may be a long way away, but it’s not too early to get started!

It’s February, so when you're looking at a November election, it's still pretty early. Have you made the decision to run yet? Are you still thinking about it? Now's the time when you should be having conversations about your
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Your aunt says you should run for office… Let us help you see if she’s right!

That’s how it starts, isn’t it? At some point in your life, you’re in a family discussion at some holiday party and everyone’s emotionally spouting off on a random political topic, when suddenly you find yourself as the
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